In 1977 MaCo Manufacturing bought from Wilson the assets,
trademarks, and rights for their complete line of antennas. After over
30 years of manufacturing, the MaCo antenna line was acquired by
Charles Electronics, LLC.

Renamed Maco® Antennas, the company was relocated to Illinois in
September of 2007. Charles Electronics, LLC has manufactured
Gizmotchy® Antennas  since the late 1960s and will continue the
great Maco® tradition of quality construction and exceptional service.

All Maco® Products are Proudly Manufactured in the USA
Sales, Customer Service, & Tech Support
Purchasing & Company Officer
Antenna Manufacturer Since 1967
President, Research & Development
Tool & Die Maker Since 1964
Antenna Manufacturer Since 1967
Mike (KB9VWH)
Research & Development
Technical Advisor
Senior Chief, SONAR Technician, USN (retired)
Special Projects
Retired Mechanical Engineer
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"Mr. SkipShooter"
SkipShooter® Antenna Fabrication
Jacob  (KC1BIX)
Research & Development -
Base & Mobile Antennas
Shipping & Receiving
Shipping & Receiving
Component Assembly